Precision equipment

Precision manufacturing, high efficiency and high quality.

We believe that quality is everything. In the R&D laboratory, our main focus is to ensure that the production process, the materials used, the surface treatments and the long-term reliability of our products are all moving towards zero defects. In the single-digit DPPM range, standard quality control during board production and final inspection is not sufficient to achieve significant improvements. Instead, statistical tests, evaluation methods and standardized breadboard designs are required here to continuously measure and further improve the production process.

Before going into production, we build a test pattern based on the client's original design and test it in a series of defined tests and simulations (similar to different environments) with a test cycle of 10-15 years. Any potential defects in test mode will be detected and resolved before going into production.

Through these tests, we can demonstrate the reliability of your design over the life of the product. If our client's original design fails any of the tests, our engineers will investigate the root cause of the failure - whether it's a material issue or a design issue. We work with our customers to provide solutions on how to improve the design and run a new set of tests to prove the new solution. Once the design and structure are robust enough, we can move to mass production.