How to avoid fingerprints on PCB circuit boards

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As an important part of modern electronic equipment, PCB board is an information carrier that integrates various electronic components. It has a wide range of applications in the electronic field, and its quality can directly affect the performance of products. In traditional inspection, PCB circuit boards mostly rely on manual visual inspection, and in the inspection process of circuit board manufacturers, it is inevitable that people directly touch PCB circuit boards with their hands.

What harm will it bring to directly touch the PCB circuit board? When touching the PCB circuit board with hands, if the special gloves are not worn, finger prints will be left, which will then cause the poor scrap of the PCB circuit board and reduce the reliability of the end user. PCB circuit board manufacturers must be strict in details in the production process and wear gloves throughout the process

The following are the disadvantages of finger printing in the manufacturing process of PCB circuit boards:

1. The bare hand contacting the board before the solder mask will cause the solder mask to go down, resulting in poor adhesion of the green oil, and it will foam and fall off during hot air leveling;

2. In the process of immersion gold circuit board after soldering and before packaging, touching the surface of the circuit board with bare hands will cause the surface of the circuit board to be unclean, resulting in poor solderability or poor bonding;

3. The bare object touches the circuit board to cause a chemical reaction on the copper surface of the board in a very short time, resulting in oxidation of the copper surface. After a long time, there will be obvious fingerprints after electroplating, and the uneven coating will cause serious defects in the appearance of the product;

4. Printed wet film or screen printing circuit and the board surface before lamination have fingerprint grease, which can easily cause the adhesion of dry/wet film to decrease, and lead to the separation of plating and plating during electroplating, and the gold plate is easy to cause the board surface Pattern, after the completion of the solder mask, the surface of the board is oxidized, and the color of yin and yang appears.

If the above phenomena are not standardized to eliminate, it will damage the qualified rate of products, the one-time pass rate, resulting in long production and processing cycles, high rework and replenishment rate, low on-time delivery rate, damage to the image of circuit board manufacturers in the hearts of customers, and affect the next time. cooperate.

Fingerprints actually refer to the sweat stains on the hands, mainly water, inorganic salts and some grease. Therefore, the key for circuit board manufacturers to prevent bare-hand contact with the board is fingerprints: each employee is required to develop a good habit of picking and placing boards; carry gloves and finger cots; be sure to wear gloves in the process of wearing gloves; management leads by example , teach by words and deeds, establish an image

The above is the harm of "fingerprints" shared by Xinmaolong Xiaobian, the causes and ways to avoid them. As a PCB circuit board manufacturer, you should do a good job in details and cultivate good work habits from top to bottom. Efficiency, win-win", improve product productivity, and achieve win-win two-way choice for customers

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